Sunday, December 2, 2012

Child Maltreatment Linked To Mental And Physical Health Disorders In Later Life

Find out how child maltreatment can lead to mental and physical disorders when they get old from this Medical News Today article.

Child physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect is linked to mental health disorders, drug use, suicide attempts, sexually transmitted infections and risky sexual behaviour in adulthood, according to a study released today by researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ).

The researchers, led by Dr Rosana Norman from UQ's School of Population Health and Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute, also found evidence that child maltreatment increased the risk of chronic diseases and life-style risk factors such as smoking in later life.

The authors, who also included researchers from the World Health Organization, reviewed all published studies that included health outcomes for individuals who had been physically or emotionally abused or neglected in childhood.

Most of the 124 studies included in their analysis were from high income countries (Western Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand) but only 16 studies used a prospective design in which researchers followed abused or neglected children over time to identify later health outcomes.

They found that individuals who had been emotionally abused as children were about three times more likely to develop depression, while individuals who had been physically abused or neglected were one-and-a-half to two times more likely to develop depression than people who had not been abused or neglected.

Researchers also established a link between anxiety disorders, drug abuse, and suicidal behaviour and childhood abuse.

They also found that children who had been maltreated had a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections and/or risky sexual behaviour as adults than people who had not experienced abuse.

Dr Norman said the evidence suggests a causal relationship between non-sexual child maltreatment and a range of mental disorders.

She said the study confirms that all forms of child maltreatment should be considered important risks to health with a sizeable impact on major contributors to the burden of disease in all parts of the world.

"The awareness of the serious long-term consequences of child maltreatment should encourage better identification of those at risk and the development of effective interventions to protect children from violence," she said.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: Of mind over matter

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. – Buddha

This latest Dr. Gary Zomalt article will discuss the power of the mind, which is the reason why people must maintain mental hygiene.


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The mind is considered as the most powerful tool that people possess, helping them achieve their aspirations in life. Thus, keeping the mind healthy is very important. In fact, studies show that people who have healthy minds live a more fulfilling life.

Basic brain and body exercises are simple ways to attain balance – physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, sometimes it takes more than these basic steps to go across the border of a person’s mind power. To unleash the mind’s supremacy, some of the steps that people may take, as shared in this article, are:

Dr. Gary Zomalt is a psychotherapist who helps various clients in attaining mental health. He is the owner and founder of 3R Counseling and Consulting.

Positive thinking

Studies show that optimism may reduce stress hormones like cortisol. Having a positive disposition in life also helps people recover faster not only from stress, but also from ailments and medical procedures.

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Social support

Trusting people and being surrounded by people they trust is said to be an important factor in maintaining a healthy mind as it reduces the risk of depression. Research also shows that those who have healthy social life have lower risk of acquiring diseases like dementia.

Inner peace

Meditation is important in achieving peace of mind, and peace of mind is vital in living life to the fullest. Aside from its effects mentally, meditation is also good for the body as it boosts the immune system’s response to vaccines and even slowdown the ageing process.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: Unraveling the difference between psychotherapy and counseling

A lot of people think that psychotherapy and counseling are just the same. Experts in the field, like Dr. Gary Zomalt, beg to disagree. Although the practices have certain similarities, the two are different by nature.

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Counseling focuses more on the behavior of a person. It is regarded as a brief treatment because, according to experts, the mental health or sense of well-being already exists. It simply needs support and improvement; hence, people seek help from counselors, advisors, and even life coaches. Because it also deals with alleviating stress and dealing with problems, especially in terms of grave life crises, counseling is taken in a similar light as psychotherapy. However, people must know that counseling only touches the shallower aspects of problems like stress. It only answers to the need of people for enlightenment and direction.

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When it comes to more severe cases, psychotherapy is in order. Psychotherapists, like Dr. Gary Zomalt of 3R Counseling and Consulting, look not only into the present condition of a person. As psychotherapy entails psychoanalysis, specialists also look into the origin of the problem, uprooting its possible causes – from a person’s childhood or past life events that may have affected the condition – before dealing with the ‘now.’ Psychotherapy deals with psychological problems that have built up over the years. It focuses on chronic psychosomatic problems that need to be explored before the endorsement of coping techniques, among other treatments.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More than just brain bleach: Dr. Gary Zomalt and ways to improve your mental hygiene

Dr. Gary Zomalt is a psychotherapist from Fresno, California. He helps people who are suffering from psychological problems achieve a restored mental health.

This latest blog will discuss what mental hygiene is and the importance of mental health to live a happier and healthier life.

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Mental health is vital in life. It refers to how people think, feel, and act according to various life circumstances. It is the exact opposite of mental disorder. In order to achieve mental health, people should live with proper mental hygiene.

Encyclop√¶dia Britannica described mental hygiene as “the science of maintaining mental health and preventing the development of psychosis, neurosis, or other mental disorders.”

Consulting specialists like Dr. Gary Zomalt offer various ways to achieve proper mental hygiene and manage psychological problems. But before running to professionals for help, people can start maintaining their mental hygiene in their own ways.

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One simple way to do so is by not holding grudges. According to experts, a way to keep the mind fresh and healthy is by substituting positive thoughts over bad images caused by unfortunate events or unpleasant things.

People are also advised to not sweat the small stuff. By doing so, they prevent themselves from being stressed out by things that should not be taken too seriously in the first place.

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Keeping an optimistic perspective, especially about the bad things that happen to people, is also a good way to maintain mental hygiene. Taking responsibility for mistakes, having a ‘can do’ attitude, acting calmly in times of trouble, and shrugging negative vibes are other ways to uphold mental health.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: How to improve mental health

This newest blog for Dr. Gary Zomalt discusses the benefits of good mental health and how a person can obtain it.

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Developing mental fitness helps people achieve and maintain a state of good mental health just as much as being physically fit helps the body stay strong and healthy. But how can you stay mentally fit? The Canadian Mental Health Association gives some useful advice on improving mental health:

“Get physical.” According to CMHA, exercise improves not only your physical fitness but also your mental fitness. Some of the psychological benefits of exercise include treatment of depression and anxiety and management of tension, fatigue, and anger.

“Eat right.” Healthy food supplies the body with vitamins and minerals essential for proper brain function, notes CMHA, while vitamin deficiency can cause mood swings, anxiety, and agitation.

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Dr. Gary Zomalt has played a great role in alleviating San Diego County’s overwhelming mental health treatment problem by creating new strategic plans for the area.

“Take control of stress.” Stress can affect your emotions and intellect, causing lack of concentration, confusion, anxiety, and irritability. Thus, it should be managed properly through learning proper relaxation techniques, setting realistic goals, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Dr. Gary Zomalt helped the San Diego County Mental Health Services Department develop an outsourcing strategy and utilize public and private partnerships to resolve the area’s problem with regard to its citizens requiring treatment for serious emotional disorders. Follow this Twitter page for more information.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: How to deal with passive aggressive people

This newest blog on Dr. Gary Zomalt aims to educate readers about the different indications of passive aggressive personality, how it is developed in other people, and how we can help them.

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At one time or another you may have encountered people who exhibit a pessimistic attitude towards life and often express annoyance and displeasure through their actions. If so, it is important to understand that some of these people may be suffering from having a passive aggressive behavior. Thus, we need to understand them and help them.

Passive aggressive people often think that other people are treating them unjustly and feel that they are being oppressed. Thus, they often indulge in fights with other people, even those whom they have a special relationship with.

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“Dr. Gary Zomalt is the owner of 3R Counseling & Consulting, a clinic that offers psychotherapy and addiction services, training, program development, and quality management.”

They are also hesitant to take responsibilities, afraid of taking accountability of their mistakes. In effect, they tend to take control of other people, so that they can have someone to do certain tasks for them.

To help passive aggressive people, it is first important to understand that passive aggressive traits are caused by different factors. For some, they are caused by a feeling of unacceptance.

Most psychologists suggest avoiding argument with such people and giving them the opportunity to make decisions and plans for themselves as ways to avoid agitating them. Although you can present them some options, it is better to let them choose on their own; they should be given all the possible opportunities to live a free life, as per their definition of freedom.

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From Gary Zomalt

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt and psychotherapy: Recovering from depression

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the U.S. The National Institute of Mental Health says that approximately 6.7% of the adult population suffer from depression in a 12-month period. This Gary Zomalt blog sheds light on how psychotherapy helps in alleviating symptoms associated with this inimical mental state.

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Depression is an actual mental disorder that some people fail to immediately recognize; others even ignore it and choose not to seek professional help, thinking that the negative thoughts and feelings will just “go away.” Depression can result to a series of relationship conflicts, family problems, and work productivity issues. It should be noted though that depression is highly treatable if the patient gets competent care and treatment. It is also important that people seek help from a licensed mental health professional if they suspect a family member of having depression. People suffering from depression, when left untreated, can also negatively affect those around them.

Dr. Gary Zomalt created and managed major service programs to improve community health and well-being.

Furthermore, depressed individuals who don’t receive professional care hold on to feelings and emotions that remain repressed. This leads to a sense of isolation, aggravating depression. Depression therapy can help patients, allowing them to benefit from the following:

• Depressed individuals may acquire distorted thinking patterns. Therapy helps identify those patterns and aids in nurturing a more positive view on life.

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• There are contributing factors, such as common everyday situations, that lead to depression. Therapists understand how these circumstances can affect a patient, and come up with positive steps for improvement.

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• Psychotherapy for depression assists sufferers in reclaiming a sense of happiness and control over their lives. This allows them to slowly integrate productive and enjoyable activities back into their daily living.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: Psychotheraphy as a vessel of various thoughts

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Mental health specialist Gary Zomalt looks at psychotherapy as an “insightful” conversation between two people — where one person predominantly talks and the other predominantly listens. The process aims to foster helpful insights from the problems and issues confronting the “challenged” party. However, insight alone is not enough. The crucial part of the process is for the patient to retain the insight and incorporate it into his or her life in meaningful ways.

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Creating meaning. When struck by problems, people normally search for the meaning of their suffering. Psychotherapy also behaves that way in that it uncovers meanings of a certain point, event, or condition. A good therapist will gently challenge patients to examine inconsistencies in their perceptions and beliefs about themselves and their interactions with others.

Recognizing patterns. Part of what Dr. Gary Zomalt does as a psychotherapist is to help patients become more aware of the patterns and behaviors that make up their entire thinking process. Psychotherapy is a means to discover the many possible sources that contribute to the development of certain behaviors. Through patterns, people are able to solve problems more quickly and diversify their perspectives more easily.

Gary Zomalt From Smart Recovery

Forming solutions out of the problems. Sometimes, the solution for a particular problem is represented in the problem itself. However, they are solutions that have stopped working, and in some cases have produced new problems. Psychotherapy is a great tool to help people not get stuck in a cycle of the same wrong solutions to their dilemmas.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: The development of "psychotherapy apps" for smartphones

Researchers are developing smartphone apps that can take the role of psychotherapists. The question is: will these apps be effective? Read this Gary Zomalt blog to learn more.

The past decades saw how technology has constantly expanded. Now, this expansion is attempting to change people’s perception on the psychotherapy realm, through smartphone therapy apps that—if successful—could ease common mental problems like anxiety, depression, and even alcoholism.

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In previous years, researchers have been testing video-game-like programs that can supposedly alter people’s emotional and mental habits, just like what a psychotherapist can do. An example of a “psychotherapy app” that scholars and academics are developing is the one that utilizes the cognitive-bias modification approach, or CBM.

3R Counseling and Consulting is an institution based in Fresno, California that helps patients cope with mental problems such as addiction. It was founded by Dr. Gary Zomalt, an expert psychotherapist.

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The CBM approach seeks to break some of the brain’s bad habits, which are the roots of most mental conditions. For example, in the case of people with social anxiety disorder, their minds are subconsciously programmed to only focus on threatening faces among many others—like mechanically spotting a rotten apple in a basket full of fresh ones. This pattern causes them to easily become intimidated, resulting to high levels of anxiety.

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In the app that features CBM, users with social anxiety disorder are shown two faces, one with a neutral expression and another one that looks hostile. The app then will put much activity—like random numbers that pop out—around the neutral face, forcing smartphone owners to focus on the head with a blank expression, rather than the aggressive one. If done repetitively, the exercise can train the eyes to automatically look away from hostile faces, lessening the anxiety individuals feel around other people.

The so-called “psychotherapy apps” are still in their infancy stage. But no one can deny how big their potential is, which is basically grounded on one idea—to provide psychological help that’s accessible to anyone at any time and in any place.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: Joining NASW's mission

Dr. Gary Zomalt seeks to be instrumental in transforming the lives of communities, families, and individuals. His track record reveals that he did just that, having served as head of several social welfare institutions aside from practicing psychotherapy. A clear mark of Dr. Zomalt’s dedication to social work is his membership with NASW, where he joins other social workers in the country in serving their respective communities.

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The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers worldwide. It currently has over 145,000 members across 56 chapters—a chapter for every state in mainland United States. It has additional chapters in five select cities and one international office. Dr. Gary Zomalt is a member of NASW California.

One of the association’s main goals is enhancing its members’ professional growth and development by providing up to date information and research, advocacy, and other resources. It also offers publications, discounts to certain products and services, and continuing education to its members. It creates and maintains professional standards of social work and promotes policies meant for the benefit of the community.

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The NASW’s goal of enriching social work comes a long way in helping communities. It offers more opportunities for social workers, and sets the profession in a new light. In a world in need of more individuals with concern for others, NSAW’s programs serve as an invitation for more people to take up the mantle of service to the community.

From Gary Zomalt

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Helping people with disabilities: Dr. Gary Zomalt and the science of rehabilitation counseling

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Rehabilitation counseling is a psychotherapeutic process designed to help people with physical, sensory, cognitive, or developmental disabilities achieve their personal goals. Rehabilitation counselors and psychotherapists like Dr. Gary Zomalt are often found in private practice, in rehabilitation facilities, universities, government offices, corporate headquarters, and other organizations where people are being treated for congenital or acquired disabilities with the aim of helping them go to or get back to work.

In the United States, rehabilitation professionals were initially recruited from a variety of social service disciplines, including public health nursing, social work, and school counseling. Although the emergence of educational programs began in the 1940s, it was not until the accessibility of federal funding for rehabilitation counseling projects in 1954 that the profession began to grow, establish a unique identity, and create its own niche in the medical world.

Gary Zomalt Photo Credit: Matthew Wild

Before, rehabilitation counselors and special-case psychotherapists like Dr. Gary Zomalt exclusively served working-age adults with physical impairments. Today, the need for rehabilitation counseling services has extended to persons of all age groups suffering from a range of disabilities. Rehabilitation counselors may also provide general and specialized counseling to people with disabilities in public social service programs and private practice settings.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 129,500 professionals working in the field of rehabilitation counseling in 2008. The number was expected to grow by 19 percent annually, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Many of these rehabilitation counselors are self-employed and work in group practices or private practice, primarily due to laws allowing them to be paid for their services by insurance companies and to the increasing recognition that counselors are well-trained, reliable, and effective practitioners.

From Gary Zomalt
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: Guidelines before seeking therapy

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According to mental health physicians like Dr. Gary Zomalt, therapy works best when patients attend all of their scheduled appointments. The effectiveness of therapy depends on their active participation as it requires time, effort, and regularity. As patients begin therapy, some goals have to be established with their therapist. They are also encouraged to periodically review their progress with their mental health physician.

The following are basic guidelines on how patients could get started with therapy:

Identify sources of stress
Keeping a journal that records both stressful and positive events can be very helpful in identifying key areas to work on.

Restructure priorities
Emphasizing positive and effective behavior has to be the utmost concern of patients. Downbeat attitudes do not help in developing an esteemed personality.

Gary Zomalt Photo Credit: Ahmed Al Akel (AL H A I T H A M)

Make time for recreational and pleasurable activities
Psychotherapists like Dr. Gary Zomalt agree that recreational activities are some of the most effective outlets people may seek to release their emotional distress. Engaging in these activities before therapy starts will help them recover sooner.

Explaining and asserting people’s needs to someone they trust is a crucial means toward developing self-respect and reliance to others.

Try to focus on positive outcomes
Finding methods to manage and reduce stress is by far the most important feat people may attain. Disregarding stressful events or thoughts will help them cope with adversities a lot more easily.

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