Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gary Zomalt: Helping Transform Lives

Gary Zomalt’s career objective is simple yet impressive: to be a leader and collaborator in transforming the lives of communities, families, and individuals. He was able to successfully achieve this objective through his 34-year career in health care and public service, making a positive impact in the lives of the people he has worked with. Currently the owner of 3R Counseling & Consulting, where he is in charge of psychotherapy and addiction services, training, program development, and quality management, he also works on the side as a Consultant at Seneca Center’s crisis stabilization unit.

From Gary Zomalt

Dr. Zomalt started his career in health care and public service in 1977, when he worked as a unit supervisor at Volunteers of America Detoxification and Rehabilitation Center at Los Angeles, California. A few years later, Gary Zomalt served as a child welfare worker at the Los Angeles Department of Social Services before becoming Associate Director at the Multi-Family Service Center in Los Angeles. He became a licensed clinical social worker in 1986, which led to his accomplishments in psychotherapy; he worked as a psychotherapist for 10 years in San Diego, California, before eventually becoming a senior psychiatric social worker and president of the clinical staff association at the Diego County Mental Health. The last position he held prior to his retirement from public service in 2006 was Director of the Department of Children and Family Service in Fresno County, California.

From Gary Zomalt

Dr. Zomalt currently resides at Walnut Creek, California. Visit his Facebook page for more information.