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Dr. Gary Zomalt: How to deal with passive aggressive people

This newest blog on Dr. Gary Zomalt aims to educate readers about the different indications of passive aggressive personality, how it is developed in other people, and how we can help them.

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At one time or another you may have encountered people who exhibit a pessimistic attitude towards life and often express annoyance and displeasure through their actions. If so, it is important to understand that some of these people may be suffering from having a passive aggressive behavior. Thus, we need to understand them and help them.

Passive aggressive people often think that other people are treating them unjustly and feel that they are being oppressed. Thus, they often indulge in fights with other people, even those whom they have a special relationship with.

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They are also hesitant to take responsibilities, afraid of taking accountability of their mistakes. In effect, they tend to take control of other people, so that they can have someone to do certain tasks for them.

To help passive aggressive people, it is first important to understand that passive aggressive traits are caused by different factors. For some, they are caused by a feeling of unacceptance.

Most psychologists suggest avoiding argument with such people and giving them the opportunity to make decisions and plans for themselves as ways to avoid agitating them. Although you can present them some options, it is better to let them choose on their own; they should be given all the possible opportunities to live a free life, as per their definition of freedom.

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