Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: Psychotheraphy as a vessel of various thoughts

Gary Zomalt From www.flickr.com

Mental health specialist Gary Zomalt looks at psychotherapy as an “insightful” conversation between two people — where one person predominantly talks and the other predominantly listens. The process aims to foster helpful insights from the problems and issues confronting the “challenged” party. However, insight alone is not enough. The crucial part of the process is for the patient to retain the insight and incorporate it into his or her life in meaningful ways.

Gary Zomalt From eliminatingstress.org

Creating meaning. When struck by problems, people normally search for the meaning of their suffering. Psychotherapy also behaves that way in that it uncovers meanings of a certain point, event, or condition. A good therapist will gently challenge patients to examine inconsistencies in their perceptions and beliefs about themselves and their interactions with others.

Recognizing patterns. Part of what Dr. Gary Zomalt does as a psychotherapist is to help patients become more aware of the patterns and behaviors that make up their entire thinking process. Psychotherapy is a means to discover the many possible sources that contribute to the development of certain behaviors. Through patterns, people are able to solve problems more quickly and diversify their perspectives more easily.

Gary Zomalt From Smart Recovery

Forming solutions out of the problems. Sometimes, the solution for a particular problem is represented in the problem itself. However, they are solutions that have stopped working, and in some cases have produced new problems. Psychotherapy is a great tool to help people not get stuck in a cycle of the same wrong solutions to their dilemmas.

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