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Dr. Gary Zomalt and psychotherapy: Recovering from depression

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the U.S. The National Institute of Mental Health says that approximately 6.7% of the adult population suffer from depression in a 12-month period. This Gary Zomalt blog sheds light on how psychotherapy helps in alleviating symptoms associated with this inimical mental state.

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Depression is an actual mental disorder that some people fail to immediately recognize; others even ignore it and choose not to seek professional help, thinking that the negative thoughts and feelings will just “go away.” Depression can result to a series of relationship conflicts, family problems, and work productivity issues. It should be noted though that depression is highly treatable if the patient gets competent care and treatment. It is also important that people seek help from a licensed mental health professional if they suspect a family member of having depression. People suffering from depression, when left untreated, can also negatively affect those around them.

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Furthermore, depressed individuals who don’t receive professional care hold on to feelings and emotions that remain repressed. This leads to a sense of isolation, aggravating depression. Depression therapy can help patients, allowing them to benefit from the following:

• Depressed individuals may acquire distorted thinking patterns. Therapy helps identify those patterns and aids in nurturing a more positive view on life.

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• There are contributing factors, such as common everyday situations, that lead to depression. Therapists understand how these circumstances can affect a patient, and come up with positive steps for improvement.

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• Psychotherapy for depression assists sufferers in reclaiming a sense of happiness and control over their lives. This allows them to slowly integrate productive and enjoyable activities back into their daily living.

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