Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dr. Gary Zomalt: How to improve mental health

This newest blog for Dr. Gary Zomalt discusses the benefits of good mental health and how a person can obtain it.

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Developing mental fitness helps people achieve and maintain a state of good mental health just as much as being physically fit helps the body stay strong and healthy. But how can you stay mentally fit? The Canadian Mental Health Association gives some useful advice on improving mental health:

“Get physical.” According to CMHA, exercise improves not only your physical fitness but also your mental fitness. Some of the psychological benefits of exercise include treatment of depression and anxiety and management of tension, fatigue, and anger.

“Eat right.” Healthy food supplies the body with vitamins and minerals essential for proper brain function, notes CMHA, while vitamin deficiency can cause mood swings, anxiety, and agitation.

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Dr. Gary Zomalt has played a great role in alleviating San Diego County’s overwhelming mental health treatment problem by creating new strategic plans for the area.

“Take control of stress.” Stress can affect your emotions and intellect, causing lack of concentration, confusion, anxiety, and irritability. Thus, it should be managed properly through learning proper relaxation techniques, setting realistic goals, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Dr. Gary Zomalt helped the San Diego County Mental Health Services Department develop an outsourcing strategy and utilize public and private partnerships to resolve the area’s problem with regard to its citizens requiring treatment for serious emotional disorders. Follow this Twitter page for more information.

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