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Dr. Gary Zomalt: The requirements for becoming a full-fledged psychotherapist

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Dr. Gary Zomalt is the owner of 3R Counseling and Consulting, a firm that renders social service and mental health programs for residents in the California Bay Area. A psychotherapist since 1986, Dr. Zomalt has always been a key figure in helping people suffering from personal plights and mental instability cope with their conditions and get high ranks in the wellness index. Familiar about how external forces such as stress and family problems could influence, disturb, or ruin human behavior, he understands how important it is for an individual to receive psychiatric guidance from full-fledged specialists.

Entry requirements

To become a licensed psychotherapist like Dr. Gary Zomalt, applicants for training must have earned a degree in a relevant course and should be a qualified healthcare practitioner, such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health nurse, or clinical social worker. Where experience is required, it should be related to the field of psychotherapy in which the individual wishes to train.

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Trainings and Practicum

Generally, trainings to become a psychotherapist take a few years to complete. These are approved and provided by a number of organizations normally accredited by various psychotherapy councils or associations. Clinical trainings consist of the intensive treatment of individual patients of different ages carried out under sound supervision. Clinical discussions that combine theory and practice are also held throughout the training period.

Aside from running his own counseling company, Dr. Gary Zomalt also serves as a program consultant at the Seneca Center’s crisis stabilization unit, accredited by The Joint Commission. He has also received an achievement award from the California State University in Fresno, and leadership awards from the Family Mosaic Project and the San Diego County Clinical Staff Association.

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