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Dr. Gary Zomalt: Minding your mental health

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People who show positive outlook in life indicate that they have the ideal mental state. But for others who do the opposite, professional assistance from psychotherapists like Dr. Gary Zomalt may well be required. As everyone is prone to emotional distress—regardless of age, race, sex, or economic status—the health of the mind is the one that is put to challenge.

Having stable mental health helps people feel good about themselves and be comfortable with others. It also propels them to effectively deal with the demands, challenges, and changes in everyday life. On the other hand, negative behaviors like anger, self-pity, and anxiety could cause serious troubles. As these emotional disturbances may come and go quite often, disturbing and interfering people’s daily lives for a long period of time, seeking professional help can be a wise resort.

Dr. Gary Zomalt Photo Credit: jepoirrier

Mental health physicians like Dr. Gary Zomalt reveal that psychological angst is a common condition among Americans. For a more vivid idea of this fact, here are the numbers:

• Between eight and 14 million Americans suffer from depression each year.

• About two percent of college students suffer from an eating disorder.

• Approximately 10 percent of Americans have phobias.

• About 21 percent of college students say that sleep difficulties affect their academic performance.

• More than 20 million Americans suffer from drug dependence or abuse.

• Nearly 25 percent of the elderly who are thought to be senile actually suffer some forms of mental illness.

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