Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dr. Gary Zomalt: Attaining self composure through Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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The human body is an obvious outlet of one’s mental health. According to psychotherapists like Dr. Gary Zomalt, physical change can be attributed to the change in mental condition.

Setting oneself free from the perilous dynamics of internal forces and past struggles can plausibly become the key to exuding more confidence and a better aura. Psychological angst poses a toll on the body, just as bliss and liberty permit physical well-being. But for people who can hardly cope with life’s hardships, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) could provide substantial help.

Gary Zomalt Photo credit: Marit's Paper World
Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps people manage or change unhealthy thinking habits, feelings, and behaviors. CBT may be used to treat problems including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, uncontrollable anger, substance abuse, eating disorders, and other personal problems. Psychotherapists like Dr. Gary Zomalt generally categorize CBT into four different stages:

Assessment. This includes filling out of various questionnaires to help people describe their particular problem and identify distressing symptoms.

Person education. The therapist provides written materials to help patients learn more about their psycho-emotional problem. The cliché ‘knowledge is power’ is a cornerstone of this process.

Goal setting. The therapist helps the patient formulate a list of goals he or she wishes to achieve from therapy.

Practice of strategies. This process utilizes a “story board” to role-play difficult social situations or come up with realistic self-talk to replace unhealthy or negative self-talk.

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