Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dr. Gary Zomalt co-presents workshop about youth on involuntary psychiatric hold

Gary Zomalt Photo Credit: Smart Recovery

October 18-23, 2011—the AACAP and CACAP Annual Joint Convention featured a workshop presented by Dr. George H. Stewart and Dr. Gary Zomalt. Titled Crisis Stabilization for Youth on an Involuntary Psychiatric Hold: Danger to Self, Danger to Others, or Gravely Disabled, the workshop aims to discuss and apply a Best Practices crisis stabilization model for the evaluation and treatment of youth with mental disorders who are put on involuntary psychiatric hold.

Suicide remains the third leading cause of death for youth aged 15–18 years in the United States. Ten percent of those who attempt suicide will do so again in 3 months, with the potential for fatality increasing with every attempt. The plans in use by the Seneca Crisis Stabilization Unit (Seneca CSU) for youth in Alameda County, California reflect an attempt to stem this on a local level. As discussed by Dr. Gary Zomalt and his partner, the Seneca CSU applies a new paradigm in dealing with crisis situations involving the youth. The presentation incorporates the various crisis plans used by the staff of the CSU in dealing with patients with mental disorders as well as the CSU’s legal background. Also tackled in the workshop are problems faced by CSUs in general, among others.

Gary Zomalt Photo Credit: Aya

You may view the presentation of Drs. Zomalt and Stewart in the following links:

Presentation 1 (

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Dr. Zomalt continues to aim for excellence and efficiency in the management of organizations. More information can be accessed through his Facebook page.

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