Monday, October 24, 2011

Altruism in science: Dr. Gary Zomalt considers psychotherapy as a means to improve the quality of life

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Psychotherapy is an interpersonal process offered and regulated by psychotherapists like Dr. Gary Zomalt, aiding clients in reaching their full potential or coping better with life’s challenges. Such a process is one way to cap the value of altruism from healthcare professionals who have deep concern over their patients’ well-being.

Psychotherapy requires a therapeutic environment characterized by an open-ended yet secure climate to guide patients to open up and release their inhibitions. The process often includes techniques to increase patients’ self-awareness, improve their behavior and cognition, and develop their insight and empathy. A desired result will heighten their sense of well-being and could allow a better self-management scheme with regard to subjective discomfort or distress. For counseling physicians like Dr. Gary Zomalt, psychotherapy could also improve perception of reality, enhance coping mechanism with grief and depression, boost response to medications, and build stronger social relationships.

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Psychotherapy utilizes a range of techniques to influence or persuade the patient to adapt to or change in the direction he or she desires to follow. These techniques are all based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication, and adoption of behavior change strategies. Each is designed to uplift the mental health of an individual, or improve group relationships. Most forms of psychotherapy use spoken conversation only, although some also use other forms of communication such as a written message, artwork, drama, narrative story, or therapeutic touch.

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