Friday, September 9, 2011

Dr. Gary Zomalt: A rundown of some of his accomplishments

Dr. Gary Zomalt aims to be a leader and collaborator in transforming the lives of the people he serves and works with. Throughout his fruitful career, he has helped countless patients overcome psychotherapeutic issues, improve their welfare, and ultimately, make life better for them. His numerous achievements speak volumes about his work ethic, his natural gift for psychotherapy and medicine, and his innate passion for public service.

From Gary Zomalt

Dr. Zomalt played a major role in the successful turnaround of poor service performance of health organizations in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno, and other counties, ensuring that almost 900 children avoided foster care. He also employed previously untapped resources to optimize annual revenue production. Gary Zomalt successfully built strong, professional volunteer teams, optimizing service quality while meeting budget/regulatory requirements.

From Gary Zomalt

At present, Dr. Zomalt owns and serves as strategic consultant at 3R Counseling and Consulting, which renders psychotherapy training and consultation to mental health and social service providers throughout the Bay Area. Through his company, he initiated a viable alternative to the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) approach and created a best practice recovery program for addictive behavior. He also implemented a Self-Management & Recovery Training (SMART) in Fresno, providing LCSW interns with SMART certification to cover expanding patient demands. Through the SMART process, interns help patients with abstinence, coping with urges, behavior management, and life balance in order to achieve superior recovery rate from alcohol addiction.

From Gary Zomalt

More information on Dr. Zomalt’s achievements may be found on his Facebook page.

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